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The Green Machine

The Green Machine

The Green Machine Pallet Recycling Band Saw

The Green Machine is designed to dismantle/strip broken or unwanted pallets back down into component parts.

The pallets are manually fed through the green machine pallet dismantler machine and a bandsaw blade sepatates the blocks and boards by cutting the nails.

The pallet boards and pallet blocks etc. can then be recycled into new pallets or used to repair pallets.

For more information, to purchase or to rent a Green Machine pallet dismantler band saw please contact us.

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Machine Features

Fully CE compliant

Can be used as one or two man operated pallet dismantling machine

Cast iron wheels with custom moulded polyurethane coating.

Braked Motor

Category 3 safety controls

Blade sensor cuts out motor if blade breaks

Fully automatic blade tensionning system

Easy and quick to use electric table height adjustment

Easy and safe access for blade change/maintenance/cleaning

CE Conformity certificate and manual supplied on delivery

Training provided.

Fact sheet

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